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During experimenting with Jade I tried to create as simple as possible server / client code for serving of simple HTML file generated with Jade. Result are two examples that I will try to explain briefly, one using server side to generate HTML and second using client side to generate HTML.

Client side example uses Node as server of Jade template files which will be obtained by Ajax on client side, compiled, rendered and added to HTML. For server I used modified version of Simple static file HTTP server with Node.js. Only change is one extra if for files with jade extension which will look inside jade sub directory.

    } else if (filename.match(".jade$")) {
        contentType = "text/plain";
        pathToRead = "jade/" + filename;

Magic happens on client side during load of html:

    $(document).ready(function() {
        $.ajax({url: "index.jade", success:function(data) {
            var fn = jade.compile(data);
            var html = fn({});

Server side example uses Node to generate HTML which will be pushed back to client in rendered HTML form. Code for sever is different from one used in first example. Basically, we assume that each HTML file have corresponding Jade template, try to fetch that template, parse it, render and serve back to client as HTML.

var fs = require("fs");
var url = require("url");
var jade = require("jade");
var connect = require("connect");

connect.createServer(function(req, res){
    var request = url.parse(req.url, false);
    var filename = request.pathname.slice(1);

    if (request.pathname == '/') {
        filename = 'index.html';

	console.log("Serving request: " + request.pathname + " => " + filename);

    var jadeFilename = "jade/" + filename.slice(0, filename.lastIndexOf(".")) + ".jade";

    console.log("Serving jade file: " + jadeFilename);

	try {
	} catch (e) {

	fs.readFile(jadeFilename, function(err, data) {
		if (err) {

        res.writeHead(200, {"Content-Type": "text/html"});

        var fn = jade.compile(data);
        var html = fn({});


You can get code for examples from my GitHub repo. To start any of these use node base/server.js inside example directory.