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If you want to create some common Clojure code that will be reused between multiple projects but code is not yet mature to become independent library lein has solution for that. It’s called checkouts. There is tons of documentation and other posts online.Something I didn’t get at first is how dependencies of shared ( common ) project are resolved.

Let’s assume following organization:

clojure-repl - common code project / one that will be shared
photo-db-server - project you are working on

First you should go into clojure-repl and do lein install, which will generate pom file and install locally jar and pom to maven repo. In case you want Java like naming you should use com.domain/project-name inside project.clj for project name.
After that go to photo-db-server and add to dependencies:

[com.domain/project-name "version"]

Next comes checkouts, create checkouts directory in project root ( in photo-db-server ). Link root of common project inside checkouts directory, photo-db-server directory structure should look like:

# project.clj
# checkouts
## clojure-repl ( link to ../../clojure-repl )

By adding dependency to photo-db-server project to clojure-repl we ensured all dependencies of clojure-repl will be followed ( by examining pom in local maven repo )
You can examine classpath with:

lein classpath

It should contain both dependencies from common project and project you are working on.